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The Master's Message


We are well underway to getting some important projects completed around our Lodge. The kitchen is almost complete and ready for the health department's inspection. The back room is cleaned out, that musty smell is gone and the walls are painted, also plans are complete for the new front porch/handicap ramp and that should completed over the summer break. We did this together a little at a time and as one, as a group working for a common goal. We completed this while traveling to other lodges, participating in other events and practcing our own work.

We accomplished a lot and should be proud. If you have not been out to lodge in a while, I ask that you please come and see. We have two brothers getting ready for their Master Mason degree and one getting readfy for his Fellow Craft degree. Come out and help with the degrees. Come out and work on our ritual. Come out and enjoy the fellowship that we have.

Character is manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones. (Winston Churchill)


Brian Clouse, W.M.